About Huggins Applied Healing

Huggins Applied Healing was founded on the principles of educating those who may be suffering from dental materials and practices that may be connected to a variety of health issues. Many chronic health problems may have been caused by damage from dental fillings, root canals, cavitations, diet, or environmental toxins. Any of these can adversely change your body chemistry. This damage may have pushed your immune system over the edge, leaving you more susceptible to immune diseases.


賀金仕修復計畫的建立旨在教育那些可能苦於受牙科材料和操作而引起多種健康問題的患者。許多慢性健康問題的產生可能源於牙科填補材料、根管治療、齒槽骨空穴 , 飲食或環境中的毒素。任何一個因素都能徹底改變你體內的血液生化反應。這種損害也許已經把你的免疫系統推出了正常邊緣,使你更易罹患免疫系統疾病。